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You Get Real Help, Honest Solutions, Sustainable Results!

Take a moment and answer these three questions...

  • Are you making the money you really want and deserve?
  • Is your income multi-stream, recurring, and secure?
  • Are clients coming to you and asking where to sign?

If you didn't answer in the affirmative to all three of those questions, we need to have a conversation. My name is Steve. I'm an inbound marketing specialist and online presence developer. I show online business owners, and those who want to be one, the right ways to develop solid, evergreen, income without heavy promotion or hard closing.

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This isn't just another pitch. There's no hype. No shiny objects. Just seriously straight talk from someone who knows where you are because I've been there, and who knows your struggles because I haav worked through them myself.

Whether you are just starting out, or you have been struggling with some aspect of your business for some time now, you will want to take the time to at least read this page. Most of us who have found any kind of success in our online enterprises have experienced the difficulties of getting started, of moving forward, of dealing with overwhelm. You are probably no different. You are certainly not a failure. But you may need help finding your success.

In your own experience, in your desire to find the right solution, to move your business forward, to get your hands on that elusive thing called success, have you:

  1. attended a weekend retreat, got pumped up, filled with ideas, ready to go, only to get home Monday and find normal life still getting in the way,
  2. joined an online webinar, received lots of great solutions, but found yourself getting stumped at every turn as you try to implement them,
  3. got conflicting advice from each answer to your question in a forum or group -- they cant all be right so, really, are any of them,
  4. listened to your favorite guru as he recommends a software packages that are way beyond your current budget but he doesn't seem to understand or care,
  5. found the coach you hired is all about the sizzle, but none of the substance, as they pump you up but don't really guide you along with necessary solutions, or
  6. filled your hard drive with videos, podcasts, ebooks, and other trainings, more than you are ever likely to read, listen to, or use?

...and you still haven't found the right path on your journey of success?

It's really not unusual. We've all been there. We need help and we are confronted by bright shiny objects at every turn. We are offered one quick fix after another, a magic solution or some just discovered secret sauce that only turns out to be more of the same old same old.

You're tired. You are disillusioned. You may even be about ready to give up. It wasn't supposed to be this hard. It wasn't supposed to take this long. You knew it wasn't likely going to be as easy as some suggested, but you expected it would at least work. So when is that going to happen?

There Are Solutions But It Takes Commitment

When you are in business by yourself (or even with a partner, an assistant, or a VA) you have to learn, understand, and manage so many things; the business of running your business, figuring out the technology, keeping social media social. And then there is search engine optimization, marketing, blogging, client interaction, branding, public relations, merchandising, and... well, the list seems to go on and on without end.

Oh, there's lots of gurus, lots of experts, lots of coaches. Pick one. But the cycle just repeats. You need something different. You need something better. You need something more. Or maybe you just need something more practical. Something that may not have the sizzle or the shine, but something that really, actually, works.

No wonder you are feeling overwhelmed! It's a daunting task and there doesn't seem to be anyone to help. Just how does anyone really make it? How does anyone really become successful? You don't need just another coach. You need the right training and a real and committed mentor. Someone to work with you, and guide you, through the months ahead.

If you are just starting out, that's wonderful. You won't have to go through all the hardship, difficulty, and stress. You have come to the right place to get started on the right path!

For those who have been paying the price, struggling and stressing, the good news -- the really good news -- is you have also come to the right place. With a quick detour we'll get you on the right path, too!

I Want To Share My Solutions With You

I've been around business for a long time, most of my life, in fact. I've done many different things. I've learned business from the inside out. I've built and sold some real success stories. And I have failed miserably a couple of times too. Both sides of that coin taught me lessons I'll never forget.

And now I am making those lessons learned, and that experience gained, available to you through my new program. I am prepared to commit significant time and resources to your success. What are you prepared to commit to make your success happen?

This Program Offers Solutions For Your Real Business Needs

Notice I said solutions. There isn't just one. There are several. In fact many. And it takes time to receive them and master them. They can't be delivered in a weekend, nor can they be effectively covered in a single video series, or even a single large ebook. This is serious stuff and if you are serious about your business, and your future success, then this may be the first program that you have ever seen that addresses your real business development and marketing needs, with a clear focus to online entrepreneurship.

From the need for business best practices, to home office concepts, this program looks at the foundation of your business development. From domain names and websites, to social media and blogging, the full range of online presence needs is covered. And from products and services, through marketing and merchandising, to recurring and sustainable revenue, the financial aspects of your success are explored.

This is a complete, in-depth, personal mentoring package for those serious about taking control of their own future, getting on the right path of their own success, and having both the personal, and the business, support they really need.

Based On 12 Months Of Mentoring, Application, And Support

This is a structured program that requires a commitment to complete it. You will need to commit a few hours each week over a 12 month period. You will need to apply yourself to study. Many of those hours and that study will be on your own time and your own terms. That sounds easy. It isn't.

You will have my guidance and tested benchmarks to keep you on track, to keep you moving forward, and you will have personal contact with me to get top level assistance when you need it. You can work at your own pace but you will never be on your own. The program is designed for flexibility but without sacrificing key methodologies and strategies leading to your success.

So What's Holding You Back?

Are you really ready? Or are you just playing at your success? If you want to be pumped up, you can probably find live weekend getaways any month you choose. But if you want serious training, detailed instruction, the real answers, then commit to working with me for 12 months and find your true path to success.


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