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Selling To America Study Group

This is the page to use to sign up for the facebook study group Selling To America. This group is for non-Americans from around the world who wish to increase their global reach and sell successfully into the American market. Stephen B. Henry, known by many online as the WordPress Wizard and the Coach's Coach, or just "the wiz", will lead this group. Steve has over 50 years of business experience ranging from small brick and mortar businesses to corporate enterprises and multi-national corporations. Today, a successful solopreneur, Steve makes his entire living online working from his computer in his home, or his laptop when he travels.

Selling To America facebook group From Website To Wealth

Whether you are from the near east or the far east, from Africa or the middle east, from Europe or Australia, or somewhere else in the world and you want to sell into the American market, but you are not sure how, or you want to improve your approach in order to find more success, this group is for you. Work with Steve and learn how business is done best. Primarily focused on the United States and Canada, but including Mexico, and the many countries of Central and South America, you will learn better ways, best practices, and new ideas.

Selling To America Facebook Group

The group is easily accessed using a closed facebook group. Additionally, live-streaming group video Q&A sessions will be held allowing for time differences around the world. If you want to expand your business and sell your products or services into the American marketplace, this group is for you.

Selling to America facebook group From Website To Wealth

I only want to deal with serious participants in the Selling To America group and, quite frankly, I'm tired of spending my valuable time with wannabes and also-rans. If you are serious you will be willing to spend a small, one-time, amount to join me as I guide you on your journey of success. You can see the kinds of things I teach and the nature of the things I will provide in this group by looking at one of my more expensive programs, NOBOXATALL - Prescription For Your Personal And Business Success.

As you can see, considering the price I charge for the NOBOXATALL program, this group will be quite a bargain. The US$47.00 fee is ONE TIME. You get to be a member for a LONG TIME. You will receive instruction and information that has taken me a LIFE TIME. You will never find this great of a program at this good of a price again. Join now while it remains available. Once a workable maximum number of members join, I will be closing access.

NOBOXATALL Prescription For Your Personal Business Success

You must pay the amount (below) first. This is through PayPal but you can use a recognized credit or debit card as well. This is a one-time payment and you agree, due to the nature of the material I will be sharing, and that a significant amount of it may be available in the group by the time you join, you will not make any refund claims against your payment. Be sure you know what you are getting and you understand this.

When you are ready to join, make the payment below. You will be returned to the facebook group where you can request to join. Answer the the 3 questions and, if you have followed the steps correctly, I will approve your access. This group is for English language only. If you post in the group in other than English your membership will be cancelled and your payment will NOT be refunded.

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If you have any questions you can contact me first through facebook: Stephen B. Henry.

US$47.00 One-Time Payment

Selling To America Study Group

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