The Success In A Year program is delivered in twelve 30-day segments, or modules, based on your start date, not calendar months. Access to the initial module's content menu is available immediately upon signup. You will find initial content accessible immediately and additional content available each new day or so. You should set up a time to look through the initial content and see what is available. You should immediately begin planning your self-study process (see below).

Success In A Year 30 Day Modules

At the end of each 30 day period, measured from when you signed up for the program, a new module's content will become available. That module's main page will become active and you can begin to access that module's new material at that point. Again, additional content will become available each day or so until the next module is available.

It is expected, but certainly not required, that you will work through each module's material as it becomes available and in the 30 days following. Once revealed, however, content will remain accessible to you going forward. You will be able to take as long as you need to study and learn, and may return to it as often as you wish. If new material is added to the program in coming months, it will appear in your account even if you started the program before that material was available. This is an evergreen program that will continue to be valuable to you long after the 12 modules are completed.

While the Success In A Year program focuses on online perspectives, everything learned here can apply, directly or indirectly, to offline or so-called real world, or brick and mortar, activities as well. Your own personal development will benefit you in your online or offline business and everything you do in your life related to your business or not. The potential for growth here is exceptional.

Success In A Year Content

There is a main content page for each of the twelve monthly sections. This page provides access to the module's keynote presentation plus acts as a menu to all of the other self-study and downloadable material for the module.

Each of the 12 module menu pages will provide the keynote presentation and that module's material in each of these areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Business Management
  • Technical Solutions
  • Downloadables
  • Bonus Reading
  • Additional Bonuses

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