Public Live-Stream Presentation Q&A Networking Sessions

Beginning Monday, August 20, I am returning to my Monday - Wednesday - Friday format for open live-stream presentation Q&A networking sessions. These sessions will be about 15 minutes of presentation and then opened to questions and discussion. All sessions are free to attend. Come just to listen, or participate, or bring your questions.

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From Website To Wealth Zoom Live-Stream Presentation Q&A Networking Sessions


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Zoom Room Link For Presentation Q&A Networking Sessions

Web Link:

Telephone: +1 408-638-0968
Meeting ID: 673-163-244


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Presentation Q&A Networking Session Topics

Mindset Monday

Succeeding online is part knowledge, part effort, part application, and a big part attitude. Personal development often gets cast aside in favor of business building, marketing, and other seemingly more actionable or material things. If you are ready to focus your own personal power, overcome overwhelm, and find the right path, join us Mondays at 2pm CT.

WordPress Wednesday

All things WordPress from website building, WordPress core files, themes, plugins, 3rd-party services, learning opportunities, and more. Learn the ins and outs of this powerful, yet eminently flexible, website platform and how you can harness it to work for you. Build the foundation of your online presence. Join us Wednesdays at 2pm CT.

Fundamental Friday

Attitude is important, having the right platform too, but we cannot overlook fundamental principals and the structural actions we must take to move forward on our journey. Business practices, marketing concepts, product development, content creation, outreach, engagement. All of these things and more are important to your success. Join us Fridays at 2pm CT.


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Time/Location For Indicated Day

  • 8 pm London
  • 3 pm NewYork (ET)
  • 2 pm Chicago (CT)
  • 12 noon Seatle (PT)
  • 10 am Honalulu

Time/Location For Next Day

  • 5 am Sydney
  • 4 am Tokyo
  • 2 am Bangkok
  • 12:30 am Mumbai

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