10 Energizing Tricks Part 10 – Ensure Your Nutrition Needs Are Met

Out of all the energy-zapping things you can do, eating wrong and not paying attention to your nutrition needs is one of the most overlooked problems. Whether you’re exhausted, anxious, suffer from insomnia or just don’t feel great, look at your nutrition as a first step to getting your energy back.

Nutrition Needs From Website To Wealth

Get a Blood Test

Ask your doctor for a complete blood work-up to test all your vitamin and hormone levels. You could be short on vitamin B12 or D. You may also have anemia, which is a shortage of iron. You may even have a thyroid condition causing you to be tired. All of these issues can easily be fixed if you know you have them.

Eat Healthily

Whether you eat a high-carb, plant-based, or low-carb diet, they teach the same thing. Stop eating processed food. Get rid of anything that is processed including sugar, bread, snacks and so forth. If it’s not grown out of the ground, or organic, antibiotic free, or grass fed, don’t buy it. Then just eat half your calories in vegetables, about a fourth in fruit, and fill the rest with fat and protein. It’s that easy, regardless of which diet you’re on. If you’re eating only high nutrient food, you’ll be able to feel good fast.

Avoid Fast Food

Don’t go to a drive-through. If you do have to go to any restaurants, only eat the salad and grilled meat. At home, it’s quick to cook this type of food. A fast dinner is to bake sweet potato in the microwave, steam some veggies in the microwave, and heat up some beans. If you want meat, simply put it in the oven for about thirty minutes. Keeping it simple will work best.

If You Are Failing To Plan You Are Planning To Fail

The best thing to do is plan everything. Before you walk into a grocery store, know what you’re going to buy and why. Know what nutrients you’re trying to fulfill before you buy anything or eat it. If you are eating something only due to the flavor, then you may be making a mistake. It’s okay to eat things that taste good, but know why you’re eating them. Having a plan will help.

Finally, make sure you eat at the right time. Eat something for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and if you’re still hungry, sometimes you can eat two snacks a day. Don’t let your hunger dictate to you. You plan for it. Remember, a handful of almonds is a snack. One apple is a snack. You don’t have to be stuffed every time you eat. Try to eat at least three hours before you go to bed so that you can sleep better without having to worry about digestion.

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