Be a Persuader and Not a Jerk

That is a little blunt, I know, but how many times have you thought that a sales person was a jerk? Probably lots of times and the main reason for this was probably because they came on way too strong with their sales techniques.

It Is All About Effective Persuasion

Becoming an effective persuader means you took the time and effort to learn how to effectively use verbal skills to get what you want. The opposite end of this spectrum is being a manipulator or as many people like to say a Jerk!

When you try to manipulate someone you are trying to convince them to do something that you want them to. Persuasion is more about influencing your thoughts and ideas onto somebody. So while these two things are similar there are different methods used to get results with both. It is much better to be known for persuasion.

When you are persuading someone you are using reasoning, logic and you take the time to get to know what the person likes and what their desires are. You have their best interests at heart.

With manipulation you may try and build trust but you are not looking for any type of long term relationship. You really are just in it for the short term to gain something you want.
Even with persuasive techniques the minute you attempt to use force you have just turned into a jerk and you want to avoid this happening at all costs.

To be successful and to get people to do what you want then you need to target the other person first. You should spend time learning their likes and dislikes and make an effort to boost their confidence and self esteem. Your goal is to make them feel good about themselves especially when they are around you.

By doing this you will notice that whenever you connect with this person they will always react to you in a positive manner. People follow people and if one person reacts in this way to you, you can be assured that others will too.

Becoming a good listener is vital to enhance your new skill. You always want to agree with people’s objections. Then as an effective persuader you can skillfully turn these objections into positives.

No matter what you do you never want to lie to people and make up facts or stories that just aren’t true. Stay true to yourself and use verbal skills to get what you want without coming over as a jerk.


Stephen B. Henry, known by many online as the WordPress Wizard, the Coach's Coach, or just the Wiz, is an author, web developer, small business consultant, and personal mentor. Steve earns his entire living online, providing business, technical, and online presence planning and support to small business owners, spiritual practitioners, online marketers, and other solopreneurs, including those who work from home. With a focus on permission marketing and heart-centered business, Steve works closely with, and cares about, each of his clients. He can be reached by email at [email protected]

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