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Overwhelm? Techie Problems? Focus Issues?

How’s that online thing going for you? You know, the level playing field and all that. Why does it all seem so difficult? Wasn’t it supposed to be easier than this? How can you keep your attitude positive when the techie stuff has you so confused? Do you struggle with overwhelm? Has all the goal setting and planning stuff got you feeling boxed in? Business? Marketing? Visualization? Responsibility? What’s next? The problems just keep piling up! It seems there is no end in site. There are so many different areas, so many people offering help, you really can’t see the forest for the trees? If only there was one person you could turn to who could bring together all the bits and pieces and give you a single point of contact to make it all happen. Well, there is. Let me help you solve your problems and get your online presence, business success, and personal development issues under control. Let me be your guide and mentor. That’s my job. That’s what I do. Working together we will develop the best solutions for you and your business. I will keep you on the right path on your journey of success! Join me today.
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Steve's Black Friday Special Mentoring Program
Self-Directed Study From Website To Wealth

Can You Tell Which One Of These People Doesn't Work With Steve?

The Time To Find A Guide Is Before You Are Lost In The Woods

Hi, my name is Stephen B. Henry. I am known to many online as the WordPress Wizard and the Coach’s Coach. My friends just call me Steve. My work as an online presence developer, website designer, business success guide, and personal mentor allows me to provide key services to others.
I help people from all over the world come to grips with information overload and overwhelm. I assist small business owners with time management and new growth in their businesses. And I mentor individuals on mindset and their journey of success, helping them turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
I would like to offer you the opportunity to work with me over the coming months. This Black Friday Special Mentoring Program is only available to a small group of people and only for a limited time at this unprecidented low price.
Steve The Wiz 1-On-1 Mentoring

Stephen B. Henry Author Mentor Guide
Assembling The Pieces Of Your Online Success

Steve's Special Mentoring Program Includes

  • Initial 1-on-1 introduction call with Steve*
  • Monthly 1-on-1 strategy call with Steve*
  • Monthly group Q&A call with Steve*
  • Private facebook support group with Steve*
  • Regular personal communication with Steve*
  • Business development materials & downloads
  • Personal growth mindset & mentoring
  • Focus on your individual problems & concerns
  • New ideas, recommendations, & solutions
  • Discussion, mastermind & brain storming
*While guests presenters may be brought in from time to time, all mentoring interaction is with Steve, not a substitute or trainee.

Get The Personal Support & Training You Need
Work One-On-One In Live Calls With Steve
Share In Group Discussion And Masterminds
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Steve's 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

At any time in the first 30 days you may cancel your subscription
and request a full refund of your initial payment amount.
This is my personal guarantee to you.

What Others Say About Steve's Mentoring & Service Programs

Barb Orozco From Unleash Your Photos - A 12 Year Client
(Content Creation Workshop Is A Different Program)

Kerri Doyle - Seatle, WA U.S.A.

Jawahar Patel - New York, NY U.S.A.

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We do not have access to your PayPal account nor to your credit or debit card information. We cannot make additional charges. You may cancel this subscription at any time from within your PayPal account or just ask us. Payments will stop upon cancellation.

Once you establish your payment subscription you will be returned to this site and provided with more information. This program includes a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for the initial payment. After your second payment is processed you may still cancel at any time but, at that point, there are no refunds of payments already made. In this regard you agree not to make PayPal or credit card claims.

If you have any questions, or need more information, please feel free to to contact us at any time. Our email address is: — we typically respond in 24 hours or less. Please note that the payment account name is Lora M. Henry. Thank you for joining Steve’s Black Friday Special Mentoring Program.

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