Steve's One-On-One 365 Day Business And Personal Support Package

My online experience goes back to the pre-Internet days of ARPAnet, NSFnet, and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). I made my first ecommerce transaction (for $10.00) in 1989, years before the term was coined. That $10 began my online business journey of 30+ years that lead me to the present where I am known as the WordPress Wizard and the Coach's Coach. I work with solopreneurs, especially those who work from home in a wide range of disciplines and niches.

One-On-One Business Personal Support From Website To Wealth One-On-One Business Personal Support From Website To Wealth One-On-One Business Personal Support From Website To Wealth

30+ Years Online Experience

How would you like to to tap into that 30+ years of online business experience and my intense commitment to share with, and help, others as I guide them on their own journey of success? You have come to the right place!

You will not find another offer quite like this one. Consider taking advantage of this amazing program of one full year of one-on-one business and personal coaching. Get direct regular every day access to me by email, facebook messenger and, as a special bonus, get access to my secret facebook Success In A Year VIP support group.

You have problems, issues, or just things you are curious about. I have answers, solutions, and explanations. I will usually respond to your message, question, or problem within 24 hours or less; usually the same day if I can. Weekends and holidays might require as much as 48 hours for a response, but often contacts on those days will receive same day replies as well.

A Wizard In Your Pocket

You can have the Wiz (that's what they call me sometimes -- Steve is fine too!) in your pocket. Ask one question each and every day for 365 days a year. I will be as close as your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Questions can be on any topic you wish, related to online presence (including websites, social media, SEO, etc.), business growth and profit, and personal development.

I not only have 30+ years of relevant online involvement but also a diverse business experience spanning some 50 years. I have owned and operated many different businesses in many different fields and professions. Whatever you are doing I have likely done it, or something very much like it, myself. I know what works and what doesn't. I am the guide you need to have available to you at all times on your own journey of success.

Two Payment Options

The program starts out with a 30 to 45 minute, one-on-one, Zoom (live video chat) call together to get things going on the right track. I know you will find that call to be significant and helpful. We will schedule that live call as soon as you sign up for the program.

One Full Year Of Access To My Support Program Is Only $887.

Full One-Time Payment(that is less than $18 a week!)

Make Two Easy Payments Of Only $447 If You Prefer.

$447 upon sign up. We will invoice a second payment of $447 in 30 days.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About This Program:

Q: Does "make one question per day" mean we get just one reply or will there be room for discussion and/or clarification?

A: Sometime one answer does the job. Other times we may need bit of multi-message discussion for clarification purposes. So, yes, in those instances where discussion is needed, we will exchange a number of messages to be clear about a single topic or issue.

Q: Am I getting actual replies from you or are these coming from your team?

A: Don't you just hate it when you sign up for help from a guru or influencer and then you get asigned one of their support staff? Not here. You will receive your answers directly from me. Always. No second string player, VA, or stand-in will handle your questions. This program is, and your questions are, just between you and me.

Q: This is really only $887/year? I always thought good coaches and mentors charged a lot more than that.

A: They often do. I often do. I consider myself a good guide and mentor worth every penny I charge. But, for this program, I want you to have access to the real help you need. And I want it to be affordable. This is not some discounted generic fluff. This is truly one-on-one with me. It is all about the help, guidance, and service you need.

Business Personal Support From Website To Wealth

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Wiz Steve One-On-One 1-on-1 Success In A Year 365 Days Business Personal Support VIP Program