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Known by many online as the WordPress Wizard and the Coach’s Coach, Stephen B. Henry (Steve to his friends) has many years of successful business experience, including about 30 years online. He has hand-coded professional websites, including the first website for the Royal Bank of Canada, used nearly every major web builder software including PageMaker, GoDaddy, Weebly, and Wix, as well as a number of blog, forum, and ecommerce packages. He has built his own ecommerce, marketing, and membership websites, too.
From Website To Wealth Stephen B. Henry Coach's Coach
But Steve’s experience and expertise runs deeper than just website development. Steve is a published author, speaker, instructor, and mentor. As an Online Presence Professional with expertise in a wide range of disciplines, Steve’s work extends to social media reach, content creation, inbound marketing, search and content marketing, search engine optimization, organic traffic, personal development, business management, and more. Steve (the Wiz) is your go-to guy for expanding your online reach, increasing website traffic, and moving your online business forward.
Steve offers the following packages for working one-on-one and focusing on your online business and personal development needs. Select the one that best suits your needs and budget and get started with Steve’s help today!

Join From Website To Wealth And Work With Steve

Choose One Of Three Success A La Carte Packages
Each Includes From Website To Wealth Membership

Success A La Carte Monthly Package #1
Includes 2 hours on your site or 1-on-1 live-stream with the Wiz.
Success A La Carte Monthly Package #2
Includes 3 hours on your site or 1-on-1 live-stream with the Wiz.
Success A La Carte Monthly Package #3
Includes 5 hours on your site or 1-on-1 live-stream with the Wiz.

Package: Exclusive Success A La Carte Membership access to From Website To Wealth (all Basic, Extended and Premium elements) including unlimited email/forum contact, plus additional 1-on-1 live-stream calls, content development, time on your site, off-site links, on-page/post SEO, core/theme/plugin installation, updates, management, backup and restore, security and alerts, business consultation, social media- search- content- and inbound-marketing, organic traffic, personal development, guidance and mentoring, including the number of hours selected above. Mix and match as your needs dictate. You choose the package/hours above. We will develop a complete targeted plan together.

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Note that the Exclusive Success A La Carte Membership Program covers all concepts, niches, and materials as found on all three websites and includes: 1) WordPress Support, 2) Online Presence Development and, 3) Business Consulting/Personal growth. If you wish, you should also join any of the other two sites that most suit your needs. The direct 1-on-1 work Steve engages in with you will cover all three areas for your own personal/business, website, personal, business, and online presence growth. You can check each of the sites with these links: 

WizardsPlace | WP Business Network | From Website To Wealth

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